It has been raining a lot where I am, and every time it rains I think of “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson. So lo and behold, I crave banana pancakes. Pancakes are delicious and a breakfast favorite, but what if you are gluten intolerant? Most of my close friends are gluten intolerant and I have no idea what to bake for them. Now, if they are over for breakfast, I have no need to fret. I have the perfect healthy breakfast for anyone gluten intolerant. Want to know the best part? Prep is only two minutes and there are only two ingredients: eggs and bananas. What you will need are:
  • a pan or skillet (make sure that it is greased well, because the pancakes like to stick to the pan.)
  • a (hand/small) blender
  • bananas-medium size (1 per serving)
  • eggs (2 per serving)
BananaPancakes Step 1: Prep BananaPancakes-2 With your blender, add two eggs, for each portion, into the blender. Blend the egg whites and yolks together until they are mixed well. Then add in a ripe banana, for each portion, into the egg mixture, and blend on a slow setting, or blend for one second intervals, until the banana(s) are mixed in with little to no chunks. The batter is a little soupy, but it does just fine on the pan. Now you are ready to go! Step 2: Cook BananaPancakes-3 Cook your banana pancakes like any other pancake, but be careful. The banana pancakes like to stick to the pan a little bit more than normal pancakes. Also the banana pancakes likes to cook a little longer than normal pancakes, so be aware. Feel free to add whatever additions you normally like to your pancake mix. Chocolate chips are my favorite. Note that each serving makes about five small pancakes (or about three large ones.) Now you can enjoy your delicious gluten-free pancakes for yourself or for your family. These are great for a post morning workout, because they are rich in protein (about 13 grams per serving) and are relatively easy to digest. This is a cheap and easy meal for any time of the day or night. Although the consistency is not the same as regular pancakes, they are still really good! Also if your blender is dishwasher safe, cleanup is a snap. Now let’s have some more adventures! BananaPancakes-4