Out of all of the common vegetables that we eat, I would have to say that I like carrots the least. I really dislike all the chewing and biting into such a hard object, but I know that carrots are very good for us. So, I wanted to figure out how to enjoy my carrot intake without all that gnawing! I find carrot juice is the best way to ingest carrots with less effort. It still doesn’t taste the best, but I figured out some ways to add to it to make it taste better.   Preperation First of all, fresh carrot juice will have more nutrients in it than the store-bought kind. Once juiced, fruits and vegetable lose nutrients bit-by-bit. Having a juicer means that you can make your own kind of juice in a cheaper manner with more nutrients. You can find deals on juicers; it doesn’t have to be brand new. My juicer is about twenty years old and it works just fine, and I got it from my parents because they would have thrown it out anyways (due to its lack of space.) You will also need a lot of carrots, but be sure to wash them first. You can find deals on the reject carrots, or the carrots that don’t look perfect, but taste the same. At a nearby bulk foods seller, I can find a 25 pound bag of carrots for $8 (including tax!) In my book, that’s a good deal. Also find something that would go great with carrot juice. I like to add a packet or two of Emergen-C to my carrot juice for an even more vitamin-filled and tasty drink. To summarize, you’ll need:
  • A juicer
  • A plastic bag
  • A pitcher or jars
  • Carrots
  • Something to add-in (optional)
Carrot JuicingCarrot JuicingCarrot JuicingCarrot Juicing The Juicing Splendor! Before I start juicing, I grab a small jar and a big jar to have one for the juicer to spill out into and one to hold more juice. I like to leave my carrots in a big bowl of water so that they can continue to get clean without leaving the sink on. I just fill the bowl, with the carrots in, drain once, fill the bowl again, and leave it like that. That way, the carrots stay clean and you don’t waste as much water. I also place a plastic bag in the juicer’s waste bin so clean-up is easier   Carrot JuicingCarrot JuicingNow, just turn on the juicer and put in your carrots (you may need to cut some carrots in half vertically to make them fit in.) Keep juicing until you have all the juice you wish to drink. Clean up your juicer and put as many remnant shavings in your plastic bag to make the rest of the clean-up as easy as possible. If you try to put all the shavings down your sink, you will likely clog your drain; I know, because that has happened to me on multiple occasions!   Once you have cleaned up, it is time to add in your extras. You can add ice, use a strainer to get rid of the pulp, and or add flavor; your extras are entirely up to you. If you wish to add another juice, juiced from the juicer, so be it. Add in whatever you want to make your juice taste good. I think that carrot juice tastes bad on its own, but that doesn’t change the fact that we need vegetables.   Homemade carrot juice is a fun and easy way to get more veggies in your daily diet and it won’t suck as much as eating the whole thing. Still, you can eat the actual carrot and get the optimal amount of nutrients that carrots contain, but this is just another fun way to have a healthier diet. Enjoy your juicing!   Comment below what you like to add into your carrot juice to make it more tasty, so you could help others find ideas for their carrot juice too.