Jimmy Weed an avid rock climber goes climbing as much as he can. In the snow, rain, or shine, Jimmy will find a way to go out and really enjoy what nature has to offer. About three years ago, Jimmy started rock climbing as part of an activity hosted by his university. Ever since, he has spent a lot of time and money into continuing that passion. “Once of my favorite things to do is lead climbing,” says Jimmy. “Ever since I got into [rock climbing] I look for ways I can go out, but I still have to deal with school, and now that I’m engaged, it’s a little harder to get out sometimes. I still manage to get out at least once a week.” Jimmy’s fiancée, Paige supports him in climbing; actually they go climbing together very often. “Just last week, we took a weekend trip to Little Cottonwood Canyon just for climbing,” Jimmy exclaimed. “Paige is great, she really pushes me to climb harder stuff, but she’ll give me a hard time if I get hurt.”