All throughout high school, it seemed as though making a run to the Jamba Juice was a really common place to go. Consuming mostly healthy fruit snacks said to me “hey everyone, I am being more healthier than you and I want you to be jealous!” Regardless, most smoothie shops provide MOSTLY healthy options. Purchasing smoothies are healthier options, but they can be much healthier and just as tasty. When you go to a smoothie place, usually they add a juice mixture along with the fruits that go into the smoothie (to make it easier to drink and to sweeten it.) When I have been to a few of the smoothie places, sometimes I want to know what juice blend they throw into my drink. Unfortunately, most of the time, the mixtures are not labeled and are difficult to find the labels for, or the labeled ingredients contain some sort of sweetener that seems unfamiliar. The sweeteners could be fine, I mean the smoothies obviously have a lot more fruit than it has juice, but I like to know what goes in my body, especially when I am training. While training, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is vital for training at your best. Sometime, drinking your food is easier than eating it. Smoothies are a great option, but it is much faster, easier and cheaper to make a smoothie at home than it is to go out for one. Here, you will learn how I make a smoothie, but feel free to switch up the ingredients to your liking. Recently, I have really liked making (what I call) the “Strawberry Mango Tango.” My recipe is tasty, healthy, and simple to make. Here is the recipe. Strawberry Mango Tango You will need:
  • A blender
  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen mangos
  • a few frozen blueberries
SmoothieSmoothie-2Smoothie-5 In the blender add the warm water and the honey together and mix it around first. This is important because honey hardens when cold, so you need the honey mixed well BEFORE you add the fruits. Add in the strawberries, mango, and blueberries to the solution and let it blend for about two minutes (or until the smoothie is blended smoothly.) Now you have a delicious smoothie that should also be really cheap (if you got frozen.) I recommend frozen, because then you do not need to add ice and you have more nutrients in the fruits. Previously, I wrote about using frozen veggies in your food and it is a good read as well, check it out here. Comment below on your favorite fruit blends, and you could help the other readers with some ideas for their own smoothies.