Videos Portfolio

I’ve been working in film for years. Although my professional focus has been primarily in the field of photography, I have implemented my skills in lighting, composition, and message into my video work. Throughout my education in film, I took on a variety of roles in a production team, but I thrived most as the director, lighting director, and director of photography. These three recent examples of my work show my range as a filmmaker. The first video, featuring Sefa Palu, shows the product another director, but focusing on aesthetic aspects of the picture. I’m a big fan of the lighting in this interview and it was a lot of fun filming. The music was recorded in the room as we worked on lighting and recording the B-roll.
For my senior project, as part of a rebranding campaign, I directed, shot, and produced this spot for a local sports equipment shop. For this, I worked for my client’s needs and did a lot of location scouting before filming. All the climbers were people I found and contracted for the shoot, while the snowboarders were the shop owner and friends of his. Some shots of the mountain bikers were prerecorded and given permission for use in this spot.
I occasionally produce videos while on a photoshoot. Here, I was shooting an outdoors group snowshoeing. Filming was low-priority, but I managed to create a video that encompassed the outing and it was fun to make.