Going exploring usually turns out to be the best sort adventure to go on. Recently, I learned about a cool place where there is a warming hut, and I wanted to find it. I drove out to go for an exploratory run and some slacklining. I have passed by the entrance to the area many times while riding my bike; it was about ten miles away from where I lived. However, I was unprepared for the little gem that was tucked away amidst the wide expanse of the Idaho potato fields. As I was greeted by the Spring trees, I had a great feeling about it all; this will be my new favorite place! Once I took in everything: the cool fresh air, dirt bikers riding faintly in the distance, the wind rushing through the trees, and a variety of wildlife sounds. This place was very serene, but it became very apparent: this place was known to only a few locals. I was excited and eager to go for a run and explore my new surroundings. IMG_1081The college town where I live, has very few hills, and this area had tons of steep hills, so I was struggling when I began running my first hills. I was not prepared for hills with a steepness alike to stair-stepping. It went slowly, but I loved it all, because the sights were phenomenal. Trees were everywhere and there was no sign of civilization. Each trail had an unknown end, and every turn was my decision. I had really missed running in a forest. With all the sounds and scenery, I loved every second of my run.150430_FirstExploration_159 After the run, I decided to do some exploring. Everywhere I turned, there was something new to see. For the first time in my life, I saw wild turkey. Some sounds I heard were incredibly foreign. I also almost ran over a bird’s doing its mating dance ritual; it was awkward. But I eventually found a spot for a quick relaxing activity. 150430_FirstExploration_331There was a small clearing in the forest that was perfect for a slackline and hammock to be. So, I took the opportunity to do some slacklining before sunset. When I got a little tired of slacklining, I laid on my hammock for a little while. Then, I packed up as the sun was setting and enjoyed a beautiful drive home. 150430_FirstExploration_401Although you don’t need to do the exact same adventure I went on, you can still explore new places nearby you. It seems as though, no matter where I live, there is always something new to explore; it can be within walking, biking, or driving distance away, but new explorations are everywhere around you. Just go out and be observant of your surroundings, and I guarantee you will find something new. Whatever your activity level, you can still find somewhere new and do something you love there. For me it was going for a run and do slacklining, for others it could be hiking, birdwatching, mountain biking or yoga. Whatever it is you do, make having fun your goal and work on establishing some peace of mind. Isn’t that why we take up recreational activities; to be healthy, have fun, and establish some peace? I love going exploring; it is one of my favorite things. The run was great and I felt more relaxed afterward. No matter where you are, an adventure is always nearby. Find your own adventures and share with everyone some cool places you have found, either in the past or in response to this post. Always remember: adventure anywhere. 150430_FirstExploration_442